Monday, 20 September 2010

Tina's Tutorials #5: How to change your blog icon (favicon)

Tips/Tricks #5:
How to change your blogger icon (favicon)

See this? It's called a favicon. And you can change it.

By default, every blog on Blogger has that orange favicon. A favicon is located next to your blog name, and is displayed on tabs, next to the URL on the address bar and on blogrolls.
It's frustrating that Blogger doesn't have a default function for bloggers to easily change their favicon. And I was frustrated by constantly seeing that unanimous orange logo next to my blog name. So I put on my glasses and set to work trying to change it. And now I have a cute little cupcake next to Book Couture. Much prettier and much more individual, wouldn't you agree?

Most book blogs I see don't have their own favicon. And this tips and tricks tutorial is my attempt to try and change that: by teaching everyone to change their favicon.

So if you are successful in changing your own favicon through this tutorial, please spread the word by linking this tutorial in a blog post. Hopefully, everyone can learn to get their own favicon.