Tina's Tutorials

 A series of posts outlining ways I have found to manipulate elements in blogger posts.

Tina's Tutorials #1: Links, Coding and Video Embedding 
  •  How to post links to your blog, email, and sites in general.
  •  How to add a video to your post 

Tina's Tutorials #2:  Symbols and Ascii Art
  • How to access and add symbols and text art to spice up your posts

Tina's Tutorials #3: How to make Pages
  • How to make pages on your blog
  • How to edit the header linking to pages

Tina's Tutorials #4: How to make a 2 column/3 column layout
  • How to edit the layout of your blog for a 2 column/3 column layout

    Tina's Tutorials #5: How to change your blog icon (favicon)
    • How to change the orange Blogger icon to one of your choice.

        Tina's Tutorials #6: How to get LinkWithin below your blog
        • How to get that "You might like..." widget below your posts, increasing traffic and exposure for other posts of relevance.
        • Displays 3, 4 or 5 shots of your other posts.

        Tina's Tutorials #7: How to switch from Classic Template to New Template
        • You might have the Classic Template - check out this tutorial to get up-to-date with the lastest blogger technology.

        Tina's Tutorials #8: How to add gadgets
        • With focus on the Followers gadget

        Tina's Tutorials #9: How to add external links to menubar
        • Add links to other websites or blog posts onto your Blogger Pages menubar