Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tina's Tutorials #8: How to add Gadgets

How to add gadgets: a step by step guide

In this tutorial, I will be using the FOLLOWERS gadget as an example, as this tutorial is for Sonj and Nicole at the uncommon nonsense. The advantage to having a followers gadget is as simple as this - you will get more followers, as people have an easy-to-click link.

This tutorial can, of course, be applied to all gadgets/widgets.

Step 1:
In your blogger dashboard, click on Design.

Alternatively, access the Design page with the NavBar on your blog.

Step 2:
You should now be in the "Design" tab.  Go to the "Page Elements" subtab.

Step 3:
Click on "Add a Gadget", in the space where you want your new gadget to be.

Step 4:
This box should pop up. Click on the + button next to the widget you want, in this case, the Followers widget.

Step 5:
You'll now see this: Simply click on Save.

Step 6:
 The widget should now be added to your blog design. Save your Page Elements by clicking on the orange button on the top right hand corner.

 Then click on View Blog to see your brand new gadget!

And you're done!

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