Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tina's Tutorial #7: How to Change from Classic to New Blogger Template

This tutorial is to teach those of you with Classic Template blogs to upgrade to the new format:
Do I have a Classic Template? 

Classic Template

If so, in your Dashboard, it'll look like the image above. You'll have a “Template” link or tab instead of “Layout."

New Template

Why should I get a New Template?

You need to switch to the Layout Template to use the Template Designer (see the image below). The Template Designer allows you to do a multitude of things (see Blogger in Draft).

How do I get the new New Template ? 

Step 1:
In your blogger dashboard, click on template:

Step 2:
Click Customize Design tab
  customize design

Step 3:
Backup your existing template FIRST before you make any changes.

Step 4:

Step 5:
Choose your favourite template and background.

Step 6:
Click SAVE TEMPLATE button
Your template has now been changed into a new template.

Step 7:
Now click on your blog’s “Layout” link to go to the Layout tab. The link to the Template Designer is at the end of the row of sub-tabs.

You can now do quite a few nifty things:

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