Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Calling for Guest Posts

That's it, you heard it right! I'm putting out an International call for guest posts.

As most of you (hopefully) should know, I'm still in school, and that means that my exams are coming up within this month. This entire month plus one extra week will be a busy time for me, with end-of-year exams, revision, sport training, extra-curricular activities, homework, you name it. And that's the reason for my partial inactivity this week..with emails, posts and reviews. I do have three books I'd like to review by the end of this week though.
But I'd like to keep my blog somewhat active. I might have to cut down on posts a little, but I'll still try to have one to two reviews a week.

What I am hoping though, is to turn my inactivity into something good! I'd like to feature YOU on my blog. You can be a blogger, publisher, author, anyone really. 

I'm looking for guest posts on:
  • Anything anywhere within the realm of books
    - reviews, upcoming books, your past favourites, top ten list - anything you can think of.
  • Tips/Advice/Guides/Technical tutorials
(Generally, posts relevant to my blog.)

Maybe no one will respond, but I'd really love it if you were willing to help me out, by guest posting, 
and spreading the word about yourself, of course. I hope to continue doing this after my exams as well. So this is an ongoing call.

 If you're interested in guesting post, email me at'll get back to you as soon as possible and we can discuss the details.