Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Author News: Michael Grant Down Under

Awesome news!

Michael Grant, the best-selling author of the phenomenally successful Gone series, will be visiting Australia and New Zealand from October to November.

The man:
Michael Grant
 Don't know what the Gone series are? 
Perhaps you've seen these covers around...
AUS/UK Covers
 Or these ones?
US Covers
NSW: Wed 27th Oct 2010 -  Sun 31st Oct 2010
VIC: Wed 3rd Nov 2010 - Sat 6th Nov 2010
NZ: Tues 9th Nov 2010 - Sat 13th Nov 2010

Full details here.
(He's also doing school tours.)

Check out a video from Michael Grant:
(The Vegemite song is hilarious - gosh, I remember singing that song in primary school,
one of the most embarassing moments of my life!) 

Visit his blog and twitter.

It sounds so awesome - I'll definitely be there if I can.