Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Crazy for Competitions (editing)

I've compiled a list of competitions around the blogosphere, mostly international, for your reading pleasure. Stay tuned; I'll be updating this list as I find more comps for you!


Win a paranormal book from Book Depository at "Books Obsession"
- competition closes August 18th

Win ARCs at "21 pages"
- competition closes August 20th

- Clockwork Angel, Paranormalcy, Delirium, Linger, Firelight, The Ivy, Linger

Win Magic Bites or Spiders Bite at "Reading on the Dark Side"
-competition closes August 20th

Win Infinite Days at "Books are Dreams"
- competition closes August 30th

Win Linger and The Sky is Everywhere at "What, More Books?"

- competition closes August 31st

Win a book bling on "The Eager Readers"
"Book thong" from The Eager Readers
- competition closes August 31st

Win Cassandra Clare books at "Paperback Dolls"
- competition closes August 31st

Win  Beat the Reaper at "From Me to You..."
 - competition closes August 31st

Win Matched by Ally Condie at "A Booklover's Diary"
- competition closes September 1st
- an Advanced Reader Copy due to be released in November 30

Win 2011 Young Adult Releases  at "La Femme Readers"
- competition closes September 2nd
- Delirium, Angelfire, Wake Unto Me, The Iron Witch, The Gathering, City of Fallen Angels

Battle of the Sexies Month-long giveaway at "Book Faery"

- competitions closes September 2nd

US & Canada:

Several Competitions at "La Femme Readers"
-closes various dates


Sas (Tea Mouse) said...

I love international comps! It's always great to promote them too - in fact I rarely post about outside of international competitions because I'm all for supporting them. I mean, it's not anyone's fault that there aren't tonnes of them - shipping is as expensive as hell! But it's still nice to see more of them around, especially when you are what is considered 'international'.

And of course, everyone wants the oppertunity to win books. :)

Tina (Book Couture) said...

I love international comps too - and the great thing is, everyone can participate, not only people in the US.
I agree, it is extremely expensive, and the price only increases with the weight of the book. What would be a great alternative is if publishers from other countries collaborated in competitions... :)

Anonymous said...

Are there any new competitions that I may not know of?

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