Friday, 18 November 2011

My first BLURB. *still in shock*

Hey there awesome person! You have a beautiful smile.

This is a quickie post to record something very momentous and amazing for me....

Take a lookie at this, which was sent my way by the lovely Emilie at Emilie's Book World and Brittany at Nice Girls Read Books, via twitter (psst, come chat with me? I'd love to talk to you. :) )

My words. In print. In actual, honest-to-goodness black ink on book-creating paper. Stuff I said about Embrace by Jessica Shirvington. Cue the silly dancing and the loud music and party poppers, because this has made my week. I only started this blog to chat about me, reading, but wow, seeing really makes a girl feel special, and honoured, and amazed.

Anyway, a cool interview with Lara Morgan coming up tomorrow! Stay tuuuned. ;)