Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My Blogging Questions. Help?

Reading Vs Studying?
I've been blogging for about half a year now (wow!), and there's been a lot of things that I have simultaneously learnt and noticed, but am confused about. So I'd like to appeal to all of you for some advice and opinions, because many of you are a lot more experienced than I am.

  1. I 've been getting a lot of emails from online companies asking me to advertise their non-book-related products, offering to send me non-book items to review, or offering to give my readers a discount. I started this blog to talk about books, to review books because I genuinely love reading. I didn't start it to make any money from it, and it takes up way too much of my time for any money to be a compensation anyway.
    But I've been wanting to create a web domain for a while now, and I also want to host contests and giveaways...but my parents are strict about me spending my money. Buying books is already a huge concession, and it's not like I work yet, so I can't buy my own things. So I'd pretty much be using their money for my blog, and I feel guilty about that. I'd love to be able to get some money from my blog for my blog, but I don't want to be seen as cheap or sold out. But then again, I don't really mind ads, as long as they're not too intrusive.
    What are your opinions on putting ads on blogs?
  2. I'm going back to school in about two weeks, and this means that I have to cut down on my time blogging. Again, my parents are strict about this, and they are adamant about the fact that I prioritise schoolwork over reviewing books, and I agree. But I really do love blogging, and I'm kinda behind on reviewing the books that I've read, mainly because my reviews take me hours to write. I like to write longer reviews because I have a lot of things to say about books, but the problem with that is it means I don't have enough time to review all the books that I read.
    So my questions are:
    How many books do you review per week?
    How long are your reviews?
    Do you mind reading short reviews?
    Should I write shorter reviews for more books, or longer review for less books?

  3. Quality posts.
    I'm hesistant about this topic, but I find that most posts that I enjoy reading from other bloggers are reviews, and rant posts, or posts focusing on issues associated with blogging, like LitLife's recent online vs bookstore series and people's top ten lists. I'd like to post more quality posts other than reviews and memes. So this is kind of a survey question:
    What non-review posts do you enjoy reading? (tutorials, lists, debates...etc)
That's all that I can think of for now. I'd really love any opinions anyone might have, because your opinions are very important to me.

Many thanks,
A Very Confused Tina