Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hey guys, just a quick post about getting into Pottermore! I signed up on the second day, but got my email about a week ago, so I've done a bit of exploring already. The artwork on the site is so stunning, and I love reading the extra content from JK Rowling, especially McGonagall's life story *tears*. For those of you that aren't on the site yet, the coolest features are: getting your own wand, mixing potions, and of course, getting sorted!

I got sorted into..SLYTHERIN! I'm a little surprised, but happy all the same. It's a pretty cool house.

Do you have a Pottermore account? Leave your username below, or add mine (below), and we'll exchange gifts.


What house (did you/do you want to be) sorted into? And thoughts on Pottermore?