Saturday, 12 June 2010

Welcome to Book Couture!

About Book Couture

Tina [tee-nuh]: - proper noun
1. an Aussie teen blogger with an unnatural amount of passion for reading.
2. the overenthusiastic blogger behind Book Couture and the Book Contest Directory
Book: A  literary work written by an author.
Couture: [koo-toor] High-fashion clothing created by designers.
Book + Couture = Book Couture 

Book Couture [book koo-toor]: - noun
1. An odd mix of words, together meaning "high-end book fashion".
2. A YA book blog owned by a silly bookworm who babbles too much about books.

                 -taken from "Tina's Imaginary Nonsensical Dictionary"

So what really is Book Couture?

Hey! I’m Tina, a Melbournian high schooler with a passion for reading. 

You’ll usually find me lying across my bed with my nose in a book, probably re-reading Harry Potter or Vampire Academy. Sometimes, I’d be in front of the TV too, catching up with the drama in the latest episode of Glee or Gossip Girl. Otherwise, I’d be plugged into my iPod, listening to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Wicked.

Book Couture is a book blog where I intend to sharing my thoughts on books I love, books I don't love, and everything in between.My primary goal is to recommend good books to other people. The most fulfilling thing for me would be if someone decided to pick up a book I recommend, and enjoy it as much as I did. The thought that someone else out there could be as moved as I am through reading the same story, experiencing the same magic that it evokes, is what moved me to create my own blog.


jackie b central texas said...

Welcome Tina to the fun world of book bloggers!

We here in the US love to hear about not only the books you are finding joy in to share but also since you are from the "land down under" what it is like living in Roo country..... Passion for reading is the one binding quality we all share, books have been our friends our escape and our obsession since
learning how to read at whatever age as a child....
Okay something personal, something random about me: I live in Texas and was born and raised in South Texas. I did grow up riding horses, did have cows and wore boots and a cowboy hat. I also know how to shoot a gun so fit all the stereotypes that are portrayed about us in the western books and movies.... Can truthfully say that of all the states in the US this one is the most diversified in it's different landscapes as we have everything from the greenest green lush areas, the beaches, mountain ranges {hills actually}, to the arid desert climate in the same state....

Anyway, welcome and have fun in the book blogging community... Oh and share some pictures with us of your surroundings and your pets if you have any on occasion as a way to break up the book posts and you will draw people in like flies to honey......


Your Best Friend said...

Oh, my dear friend, you have done it again! Have fun and the border looks absolutely awesome ~

Sas (Tea Mouse) said...

Hey Tina, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. And welcome to the book blogosphere!

It's always great to meet other Aussie book bloggers - my co-blogger Ros and I are Sydneysiders. :) How's Melbourne?

Anyway, hopefully we'll get to know each other better during your time blogging, so don't be a stranger. You're story sounds quite a lot like mine (I mean, I'm not an Australian born Chinese girl, well, I'm a girl, but that part isn't important. It's the book loving part that is, and that's what brings people together.) I love recommending books to, and I know that feeling all too well. I guess that's what draws most people to book blogging!

Anyway, I hope to see you around! And I'll be back. :)

^^ And to Jackie B - you call it 'roo country'? Haha. There are seriously like, no Kangaroos in Melbourne. Well, not in the CBD anyway. But you're stereotype was amusing. Truth be told, I grew up riding horses, know how to fire a gun and my grandparents own cows. Do horse riding boots count as 'boots'? Only I don't have a cowboy hat. :( If only.

Tina (Book Couture) said...

@ Jackie:
Thank you so much for your welcome. I feel loved. ;)
I absolutely agree with you - the love for books we share is universal and should be celebrated.
Your life sounds truly interesting.I'd love to visit Texas some day. It's great that through blogging, we are all able to connect this way.

Sadly, I don't really fit the stereotype of Australians. As much as I'd love to, I don't get to ride a kangaroo to school.
...probably would even get sued for animal abuse ><"

I have two younger cousins who had lived for a while in Texas as children.They loved it, and told me that you also get snow. Now, real, falling snow is something I have yet to see.

But you know how they say that Melbourne has four seasons in one day? This is sadly true. freezing in the morning, burning in the afternoon, rain and wind in between.

Thanks for the great tip! And you know what? I will definitely do that. Exercise my photography skills and whatnot. I'm really excited about your idea! :D

@ My best friend:
Thanks for visting, my biffle! I'm glad you like the bg, I got it off cutestblogontheblock, so I can't claim anything though. Love you!

@ Sas: Thanks for your welcome. It is great to meet other Aussie bloggers, as we're a little rarer than US bloggers.
Melbourne's great. A little less pretty, though. :( (I was on an airplane once, and when we reached Melbourne after passing Sydney, the poor tourists in the back were so disappointed.
I'm pretty familiar with Syd. I've got some family in the Parramatta district, and we visit every year. :)

I'm committing myself to be a regular at your blog too. Hopefully we'll get to know each other better!

P.S. So true, no roos in Melb, except for Werribee zoo. ><

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